VentilationWhat Is Balanced Ventilation?

If you’ve heard of a balanced ventilation system and were wondering what benefits it provides, MM Comfort Systems is happy to fill you in on this great new method of whole-house ventilation. With balanced ventilation, the clean air that’s introduced into the home is equalized with the old polluted air that’s pushed out of the home. This is accomplished through exhaust similar to the supply and exhaust systems; however, the system uses two duct systems and two fans. Since the system is much more complex, they do cost slightly more than a traditional supply or exhaust system.

Other Considerations With Balanced Ventilation Systems

Balanced ventilation systems neither pressurize nor depressurize the air in the home. You can adjust these systems to allow for the clean air to be designated to living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. The exhaust can be adjusted to push the air from rooms where a higher level of dirty air is likely to be present, such as a laundry room, bathrooms and a climate-controlled garage. Options such as filtration systems and enhanced climate-control systems are available in most instances and are worth considering. Another benefit is that balanced ventilation systems are appropriate for any type of climate. Since the system uses additional components, the energy usage is typically higher than with a single exhaust system. For those that are concerned with air quality inside the home, the balanced ventilation system is worth considering as an option.

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