MaintenanceWhat Do You Do When You Blow A Fuse?

When you blow a fuse, you automatically enter panic mode as you start thinking about the expense of hiring someone to fix it. You also panic because you don’t know what to do. Here are the steps you should take after a fuse blows.

What To Do After You Blow A Fuse

When you blow a fuse, don’t let the task of fixing it intimidate you. Try following these steps to correct the problem. If you can’t resolve the issue, call a professional.

Find the Electrical Panel In Your Home

The electrical panel is often behind a small door with a handle or grip to open it. Sometimes, in older homes, the electrical panel is located in the attic, basement or garage. Recently built homes may have this panel in the laundry room or hallway. When you locate the electrical panel, make sure you keep the space around it free of debris and clutter. If you’re not having any luck finding the electrical panel, also referred to as a fuse box in some situations, an professional can help you.

Look Inside the Fuse Box

Inside the fuse box, there will be round objects that screw into a socket. These items are called fuses. If the fuses are not already labeled, make time to get it done. Labels will help you determine which fuse has blown without the trial and error process in the future. You will know a fuse has blown if the power in one room goes out, but the rest of your home has electricity. Having several appliances or devices plugged in, in one room, is often the cause of a blown fuse.

Fixing A Blown Fuse

1. In order to safely fix a blown fuse, unplug all appliances, devices and other items from the socket in the room where the fuse has blown. This practice prevents you from overloading the replacement fuse.

2. Disconnect the power to the fuse box by shutting off the main power. Check the fuse that corresponds to the room or area in your home that lost power. A blown fuse will appear discolored or seem cloudy. Once you make sure the main power is still disconnected from the fuse box, unscrew the fuse and remove it. Before replacing the fuse, make sure you have the exact match of the blown fuse, including rating, size, type, and amperage.

3. After you replace the fuse, restore electricity flow to the fuse box. To make sure the replacement is successful, plug in one or two devices to see if they work. If the replacement is successful, electricity will be restored. If the fuse blows again, there could be a specific appliance or device overloading the fuse, causing it to blow.

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