HeatingEnergy Saving Tips That Help Compensate For Winter Heating Costs

Use these tips to spend less on heat this winter.

When you have a budget, you only have so much to spend on energy. And when it’s time to turn the heat on again in the fall, that money has to come from somewhere. By practicing some smarter energy saving methods, you can reduce the cost of heat, minimizing the damage to your budget. Try these tips to compensate for the higher cost of heating.

Winter Energy Savings

One of the biggest expenses we face in winter is the cost of heat. But we tend to keep heating the space in our homes, even when we’re not able to enjoy it. That may be while we’re away at work, or while sleeping. Think about how you use the heat in your home and stop leaving it at a warmer setting when you’ll be asleep and won’t notice it anyway. Experiment with colder nighttime temperatures in your home. How low can you set the thermostat without discomfort? Never go below 50 so you don’t freeze your pipes, but knowing your lower limit helps you waste as little energy as possible.

Save Energy without Giving Up Comfort

You can maximize comfort while saving on energy by setting a programmable thermostat to bring the temperature in the house up so it reaches comfortable levels at the same time you’ll be waking up. That usually means setting it to turn on about an hour before your alarm clock goes off. Then set it to stop heating the space about a half-hour before you leave for work. Set it to warm up the house for your arrival back from work and then to go back down at bedtime. The room will still be warm enough for you to fall asleep and by the time you’re ready to wake up, it’ll be warming up again. You hardly notice the difference, except for the 20 hours or so energy savings you get every weekday. On weekends, you still save the 7 hours you’re sleeping.

Plan for Guests

The colder months come with many celebrations. We get together for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. But how many times have you found yourself opening a window when the number of guests brings the temperature up too much in your house? Talk about wasted energy! For every guest that walks in the door, it’s like turning on a bare 100-watt incandescent light bulb. Ever try to unscrew one of those when it’s on? Bet you have the scar to prove it.

So turn down the thermostat according to the number of guests you’ll have as they begin arriving. Remember that the oven also adds heat too, assuming you’re cooking for this crowd.

Let MM Comfort Systems Make Sure Your Furnace is Efficient

If your furnace is burning more energy than necessary, all your money saving efforts are wasted, That’s why it’s important to schedule a tune up every fall, before the cold weather hits. Call MM Comfort Systems at 425.533.9058 or use our online contact form to schedule an inspection. We’ll help you be sure you’re not paying a dime more than necessary to heat your home this winter.


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