GeneratorsBack Up Generator Options For Your Seattle Home

A permanently installed generator is the most reliable option.

Modern American homes are increasingly dependent on electricity. The national budget for infrastructure repairs and improvements has been ailing. In addition, changing weather conditions from global warming are causing severe storms. Together, these issues create ever-increasing chances for long-term power outages. Once demanded primarily by doomsday preppers, the need for backup power is now a concern for every homeowner.

Portable versus Permanent Installations

The cheapest way to get backup power for your home is a portable generator. Unfortunately, these smaller units require more mechanical skills and maintenance than most homeowners have. Portable generators are easily forgotten in the shed or garage, so they rarely work when needed.

Portable generators also require gasoline fuel to run. You must shut them off to refuel them as well. Unfortunately, during an extended power outage, most gas stations can’t pump gas. A permanently installed generator, running on a steady natural gas or liquid petroleum gas solves the problem. As long as your tanks are full, you can depend on a steadily running generator for days.

Portable generators often lack the capacity needed to keep a home running with heat, hot water, television, and kitchen appliances. It is a fire hazard to connect them directly to your homes electrical system. Instead, you can only plug in a limited number of appliances at once. Permanently installed generators are hard-wired into the home and automatically take over in absence of power utilities.

For these reasons, there is no substitute for a reliable liquid or air-cooled home generator. The investment in a high-quality backup generator pays off in simpler operation, instant backup power when you need it and the peace of mind knowing your home won’t stop running when the power does.

Home Standby Generators

There is nothing more comforting than having a well-maintained standby generator. They come on automatically during a power failure to keep your appliances and heating systems running. They also start automatically every two weeks to ensure they are in running condition when you need them.

Here are a few options to consider for your home:

Air-Cooled Home Standby Generator

Smaller standby generators can get by on air-cooling instead of liquid cooling. Smaller units running between 14 and 17 kW will power the basic essentials of heat and hot water or a few appliances. This size range is best for smaller homes.

Liquid-Cooled Home Standby Generator

Depending on the size of your home and the number of appliances you need to keep running in an emergency, you can choose 25kW or 45kW capacity. Carrier Liquid-Cooled Home Standby Generators Units in these sizes can handle a full load of most homes. These powerful units are whisper quiet and switch on automatically during a power outage. They feature 30 HP 2-cylinder engines and run on natural or LP gas. Our Carrier units come with 3-year limited warranties.

Never be left in the cold again. Let MM Comfort Systems install a standby generator to keep your home running.

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