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As winter marches on, we can’t help but wonder where we would be without our furnace. It’s hard to believe that before the furnace was invented in 1885, we were relying on wood burning stoves in order to fend off the freezing cold.  Nowadays, modern heating systems can give us the comfort that we need at the press of a single button. Let’s take a moment to look back at the brief history of the furnace so as to really appreciate the impact that it is having on our modern lives.

From Ancient Rome To Now: How The Furnace Has Evolved

The modern furnace didn’t sprout into existence all on its own. In fact, before the first coal furnace was ever built we were relying on similarly huge advancements in technological production. Prior to the furnace, most individuals relied either on a wood burning stove or a radiator in order to stay relatively comfortable during the harsh winter months. In fact, you can trace the first mention of a radiator back to 15 AD when the Romans embraced something known as a hypocaust.

While the Romans may lay the first claim to radiators, we owe our modern furnace more to a man by the name of Franz San Galli. Galli was a businessman from St. Petersburg who was known for inventing the heating radiator in the 1850s.  Dave Lennox would take Galli’s invention and make it more affordable for regular homeowners, thus pushing the first home heating system into real production.

After Lennox popularized the radiator, the next great step toward our modern furnace came from Germany. A man named Robert Bunsen would invent the famous Bunsen Burner. Bunsen Burners blended gas and air in a controlled environment, thus allowing for safe manner. We still use his technology today, just look at the pilot light underneath your gas-powered stove! Inventors like Thomas Edison and Alice Parker would go on to leave their own mark on the home heating industry, as well. Edison would pioneer electric heating while Alice Parker would craft the first centralized American heating system in 1919. Now, almost 100 years later, we get to enjoy the modern furnace as we know it!

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