Customer ExperiencesSeattle Heating Repair Rescues A Family’s Carrier Furnace

Waking up early to get their busy day started, a Seattle family with two small children discovered that their furnace was not producing heat. While Mom bundled up the youngsters on that early Friday morning this past winter, Dad immediately shut down the home’s Carrier Model 58TVA100-F-13112 unit. In addition to the lack of heat, the furnace was making a distinctly disturbing humming noise and the homeowner and concerned father was afraid it could be a fire hazard.

His early morning phone call to MM Comfort Systems of Redmond brought a swift response from our friendly staff. A well-trained Seattle heating repair tech was dispatched and soon arrived at the family’s home, located within our large service area in a 98116 zip residential neighborhood. His examination of the home’s Carrier furnace revealed the cause of the unit’s failure to produce heat; the inducer motor and wheel had both seized up.

After explaining the problem to our homeowner, MM Comfort’s tech left the Seattle home to pick up the two needed parts; the inducer motor, part no. hc21ze118, and the wheel, part no. la11xa046. After he returned to the customer’s home, this Seattle heating repair was quickly completed with the installation of the two new furnace components.

Thanks to MM Comfort Systems, this Seattle heating repair left a family safe and snug once more, within mere hours. Mom and the children arrived home late in the afternoon to find a toasty warm house, and a smiling Dad.



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