Customer ExperiencesMM Comfort Systems Provides a Heating System Quote and Saves Another Family From a Cold Renton Winter by Repairing Their Coleman TM9vo8oB12MP11 Furnace.

It was a cold day in December when MM Comfort Systems received a call from residents in the 98059 area of Renton, Washington. The customers were concerned because their furnace was not heating their homes properly. They were particularly worried because they had family coming to visit and they were afraid that their guests would not be able to stay in their chilly home. The residents were wise in calling MMCS as we are a leader in Seattle heating repair, provide quick service, and guarantee all of our work. With our help, this family was sure to be ready to greet their guests with a warm and cozy home.

When MMCS contractors arrived at the resident’s home in the Renton area of Seattle, they immediately began inspecting the condition of the homeowner’s Coleman TM9Vo8oB12MP11 furnace. After exploring underneath the crawlspace, they found that over 80% of the furnace was nonfunctional and that the residents were in dire need of heating repair.

MMCS’ Heating Repair Solution

The MMCS contractors provided the Seattle residents with a heating system quote, and after quick approval, the contractors began their repairs. In this case, the best option was to simply remove the nonfunctional portions and simply replace it with new materials. The experienced technicians installed new PVC vent piping and a new condensate pump and drain line. They united the system together by reconnecting the existing ductwork, gas piping, electrical circuit, thermostat, and then firing off the new thermostat.

The Renton homeowners were thrilled with their warm home and the quality of MMCS’ work. They were also pleased with their new energy-efficient furnace which made them PSE & Tax credit qualified. MMCS was happy to have been able to help another customer in the Seattle area with their heating repair problems.


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