Customer ExperiencesMM Comfort Supplies Senior Couple With A Renton Heating System Quote For A Superior Lennox Furnace

Choosing a reputable and experienced company to supply their Renton heating system quote was the goal of one senior couple. Their home’s heating system barely made it through this past winter season, and they have no desire to risk the possibility of being without heat, even for a day or two.

On the advice of a neighbor and a good friend, they contacted MM Comfort Systems at our Redmond office. Both referrers have been MMCS customers for years and know that we’re the western Washington experts on every sort of heating repair¬†and installation. We arranged to have one of our knowledgeable staff members visit the couple’s 98055 neighborhood to provide them with an accurate Renton heating system quote.

We showed these homeowners how changing out their older gas furnace to a new Lennox model SLP98DF070V36B would increase their efficiency from 80% to 97%. As part of this Renton heating system quote, the homeowners also learned of the available PSE and tax credit rebates. As the final step in the installation, MMCS also pressure tests the entire system to prevent potential leaks.

MMCS’s detailed and affordable quote made it easy for this couple to decide to go ahead with their furnace replacement. They aren’t in a hurry, so we’ve scheduled the job for later this month. When next winter rolls around, this couple will be safe and warm with no worries of a furnace failure, thanks to the experts at MM Comfort Systems.


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