Air ConditioningWhat To Do Before Turning On Your Furnace

Your furnace got a nice rest over the summer. Is it ready to start working again? In just a few simple steps, you can prepare your furnace for another season of safe, smooth operation.

Clear the Area

You shouldn’t leave junk around your furnace. Old boxes and other flammable material can be a fire hazard. Unfortunately, it’s easy to let such things pile up near the furnace during the summer when the unit is not in use. Before switching your furnace on, clean up the area. Throw away garbage, find new homes for other items and sweep up the remaining debris.

Change the Filter

The floor around your furnace isn’t the only place where you might find debris. There’s a good chance that your furnace filter is packed with dust and hair that it trapped last season. For good indoor air quality, you must replace that old filter with a brand new one.

Clean the Vents

Proper airflow is essential to good furnace operation, so you should make sure that your vents are clear. Outside your house, locate the vents for air intake and exhaust. Clear away any leaves or animal nests. Indoors, run the vacuum hose over the registers. You may even want to lift off the covers to wipe out any dust that’s inside.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

To fully prepare your furnace for cold weather, you need to have it professionally maintained. An annual tune-up is a chance for your Seattle furnace company to clean and lubricate your system. During a maintenance call, the technician may spot parts that need to be repaired. Taking care of small fixes right away may help you avoid a mid-season breakdown or a major repair bill. A professional tune-up can help your furnace run better this season and for years to come. MM Comfort Systems is your Seattle heating and cooling company. We also offer indoor air quality systems, water heaters, and thermostats for residential and commercial properties. Call today to learn more about our services.


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