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Seattle homeowners have many options when it comes to what to choose when cooling their homes for comfortability. From central air conditioning, ductless, heat pumps, mini-split air conditioning, it can be difficult to decide. But how do Seattle homeowners choose which air conditioning is the best for them? One air conditioning option that has grown in popularity in Washington state is the ductless air conditioner. There are many reasons why a ductless AC in Seattle is beneficial and preferred, you can read some reasons here in our article “Is a Ductless HVAC System Right For Your Home?”.

Ductless air conditioners cool the whole house without the use of air ducts. Expert technicians can ensure the proper installation and efficiency in cooling ones’ home. Here are a few ways a ductless system can help you save money in Seattle. Don’t forget, you can always give MM Comfort Systems at 425-533-9058 to discuss these options over the phone!

3 Ways Ductless Air Conditioning Can Save You Money Include:

seattle homeowners save money

  1. Zoned Operations
  2. No Wasted Energy
  3. Heat Pump Capabilities

Let’s discuss each one!

Zoned Operations

Ductless air conditioners have zoned operations that allow Seattle homeowners to save on cooling costs. Ductless AC’s use multiple blower units throughout ones’ home. Also, each blower is controlled independently, making it so that you can cool down different areas of your home how you’d want.

For example, if your spouse is in another room and they prefer cooler temperatures, a ductless air conditioner will allow you to adjust the temperature to their liking. Most importantly, if you’re not in a particular area of the home or specific room, you do not have to maintain a cool temperature in the unused area. Therefore, it cuts down on your energy consumption.

No Wasted Energy

Ducted air conditioning can be pretty effective at evenly cooling down an entire home, distributing air without issues. As experts in air conditioning, we know that air can leak out of the ducts, which can cause an increase in energy consumption and costs for Seattle homeowners. Air leaking from ducts are one of the biggest reasons for spikes in energy bills, as HVAC experts, we know because we see it happen! Ductless air conditioners prevent wasted energy, which is great for the environment and for our wallets.

Heat Pump Capabilities

Ductless ACs also known as ductless heat pumps can utilize heat pump technology, meaning heat can be taken from outside and used to heat the home effectively.

Looking for an HVAC contractor to install a ductless AC in Seattle?

Find out how a ductless HVAC system would benefit your home by contacting Seattle HVAC contractor MM Comfort Systems. We offer ductless Mitsubishi HVAC systems with sleek indoor units that mount discreetly high on the wall and slim outdoor units that require minimal space. As a bonus, many Western Washington utility companies offer generous rebates for ductless HVAC systems because they often replace electric heating systems that eat up energy. Call us at 425-533-9058, or use our Online Contact Form to arrange maintenance or repair service.


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