Air ConditioningSeattle Air Conditioning: Is Your Home Ready for the Summer Heat?

To get an A/C, or not to get an A/C, that is the question in Seattle. Newcomers in Seattle
consider an air conditioner an absolute must, but Seattle natives have been more
reluctant to take the plunge. In fact, houses in Seattle, both new and old, typically do
not come with air conditioning. But as the weather gets warmer and warmer, many
people are choosing to invest in air conditioning in Seattle, or at the very least, rent an
air conditioning unit when the heat becomes unbearable.

Are Air Conditioners in Seattle Necessary?

Many longtime Seattleites insist that air conditioning isn’t necessary because the
weather doesn’t get hot enough. Although you see plenty of people using air
conditioning in their cars in the summertime, having an air conditioner at home is
less common. But the last few summers have shown that air conditioning is becoming
a necessity in the region. In 2009, Seattle’s summer heat reached a record high of 103

There are ways to handle Seattle’s summer heat without air conditioning, but they
aren’t always comfortable or practical. You can leave a fan on at all times, leave the
windows open, sleep with a bag of ice and towel at your side, take dips in the Sound, or
hang out at the library – a lot. However, leaving your windows open can bring with it a
slew of problems, from bugs to burglars to street noise. And while Seattle residents were
encouraged to cool off in the city’s libraries in 2009, the five libraries that lacked air
conditioning were shut down because their internal temperatures reached a whopping
90 degrees.

To keep your home cool, comfortable, and secure so you can relax and get a good night’s
rest, consider investing in air conditioning in Seattle if you haven’t already. But don’t
wait till the middle of the summer to buy an air conditioner because they might all be
sold out by then. Get your Seattle air conditioner installed, serviced, and ready to go
before the summer heat arrives, as there’s no better feeling than arriving home from a
long day at work to a cool, comfortable home rather than a hot, sticky, and sauna-like

Looking for Seattle Air Conditioning Services

MM Comfort Systems has been providing air conditioning services since 1977 in the
greater Seattle, Tacoma, Redmond, and Bellevue areas of Washington State. If you have
an air conditioner installed in your Seattle home, consider signing up for our Planned
maintenance Agreement so that one of our qualified technicians can perform
comprehensive inspections and routine maintenance of your equipment.
Without regular maintenance, air conditioners lose about 5% of their original efficiency
with each year of operation. Fortunately, you can recover that lost efficiency with
Planned maintenance Agreements, which cost less than calling in for service on an
unplanned basis and require no upfront payments or ongoing contracts. Please call
425-533-9058 or fill out our online contact form for more information about our Seattle air conditioning services.


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