Air ConditioningDon’t Bother With Window Air Conditioners. Try Compact Instead.

Window air conditioners are clunky and unreliable. Compact is the answer.

Do you enjoy hurting yourself and endangering your neighbors? Then keep using an enormously heavy and unwieldy window air conditioner. You’ll enjoy the long-lasting scrapes and marks to the sash as reminders of the install job. Your back will remind you for weeks of how much fun you had lifting the tremendously weighty unit and wrestling it into a casement window frame. You’ll also have aching arms, shoulders and some scrapes and bruises in case the low backache doesn’t provide you with enough fond memories.

Getting the air conditioner into position is just the first step. Picture the air conditioner teetering there on the edge of the window, ready to fall on any unsuspecting passerby below. Meanwhile, you dial your insurance agent to make sure you have enough liability coverage. You balance the unit there and yell for someone, anyone, to rustle up enough screws to firmly attach the supports to the window frame.

Failing that, you could use paper clips, gum or package tape, but better not, as those bothersome liability issues will crop up again. Did you manage somehow to finish the job? Congratulate yourself and collapse into the nearest chair. You can then look forward to going through the reverse process in a few months and then hauling to unit into storage. If this installation horror is not your cup of tea, then maybe you should consider a compact air conditioner instead.

What is a Compact Air Conditioner?

As the name suggests, Performance Series Compact Air Conditioner these units are well… compact. Aside from the obvious, compact air conditioner units offer a smaller footprint than the central AC units you are used to. You can install one just six inches away from your home, on a roof, deck or balcony (as long as the bylaws in your building allow it). Compact AC units are designed for small spaces, just like window units, but without the yearly struggle.

What Are Some Advantages of Compact Units?

Compact air conditioners are small but mighty. Efficient and modern ones have good Energy Star ratings when installed correctly. Tough coatings and good design protect them from the weather. Some even run quietly using factory-installed mufflers, so they will not sound like a jet plane taking off on start-up. You’ll still be able to hear your TV and your neighbors will thank you, or at least not glare at you when you pass by. They are far quieter than window units, which tend to shake and vibrate, causing a lot of noise in the process. Most compact units come with a long warranty, making them every so much easier and worry free than window air conditioning units.

Let MM Comfort Systems find the right compact air conditioner for you.

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