Air Conditioning8 Most Common Problems With Seattle Air Conditioner Units

Knowing how to spot these issues and addressing them in a timely manner will help to ensure that your air conditioner continues to operate safely and efficiently throughout the steamy summer months. Below are 8 of the most common problems associated with air conditioners and what to do about them.

1. Improper operation

One of the most common reasons why people have problems with their Seattle air conditioner is improper operation. To make sure that your air conditioner continues to run properly, close outside doors and windows while it’s in use. If you’re using a room air conditioner, isolate that room or group of rooms as much as possible from the rest of your home.

2. Frozen coils

If you notice that your Seattle air conditioner isn’t cooling your home adequately, frozen coils could be blocking the operation of the unit. Frozen coils are generally caused by problems with air flow, for which dirty air filters are often to blame. A calibration check is typically enough to eliminate a problem with frozen coils.

3. Faulty installation

Leaky ducts and low airflow are often caused by improper installation techniques. During installation, the technician must ensure that the refrigerant charge meets the manufacturer’s specifications. If the refrigerant isn’t charged properly, the performance of your air conditioner will suffer as a result.

4. Inadequate maintenance

In order to keep your Seattle air conditioner operating efficiently, you must perform maintenance on it regularly. Your air conditioner will stop working properly and the fans or compressor may fail prematurely if the air filters and coils get dirty or clogged.

5. Refrigerant leaks

If the refrigerant in your Seattle air conditioner leaks, you must have a professional locate the leaks, repair them, and properly charge the system with refrigerant.

6. Loud air conditioner noise

If your Seattle air conditioner is making a loud, wailing noise, the fan belt could be dislodged. Another potential issue that could be causing the noise is that bearings in the motor need lubrication or replacement.

7. Problems with the thermostat sensor

If you have a room air conditioner, there’s probably a thermostat sensor located behind the control panel that measures the temperature of incoming air. The sensor is held into place with a wire and should be located near the evaporative coil. If it gets knocked out of place, your air conditioner might start behaving strangely. Fix it by bending the wire and adjusting the sensor’s position.

8. Water leaks

Your Seattle air conditioner may leak water into your house if it has drainage problems. If you notice leaks, check if the condensate drain has any blockages or if the condensation pan is rusted out. If you have a room air conditioner and it’s having drainage problems, it might not be leveled properly.

Have Seattle Air Conditioner Problems Checked out by a Professional

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