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The crew came out on time. I was given a call ahead and told an expected arrival time, which was spot on accurate. The crew worked hard for a full day and half to install our AC unit. Once finished they cleaned up their work, walked me through all of our new features on the thermostat.  They took the time to explain all of the warranty, permits, scheduling inspections and signing of documents. I think the best part about it was when the city inspector came out she took one look at it and said "You got a quality crew to install this, everything looks spot on." She pointed out like 5 things I had no idea about and showed how they were all done to the book which made me feel great about the install. I would highly recommend MM to anyone, and having AC in the house is absolutely amazing.

Brian T.

"it has been a very smooth process for us."

Tom G. -

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"put booties over their boots when working in the house. Very respectful."

Bob C. -

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