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"Today we had a consultation with Daniel regarding the benefits of having a heat pump installed. My wife and I have not yet made our final decision ,we need a little more time to mull it over, but we had been so impressed with Daniel that if we do get a heat pump, it will be installed by MM Comfort Systems.

We have had consultations with your competitors and all of them told us that we needed a new heat pump and perhaps new ductwork, period! Very expensive.

Daniel told us our ductwork is fine and also gave us an option to a heat pump, which was for us to purchase two portable air conditioners and run the thermostat fan to help circulate the cool air. Here is a guy telling me I can spend $10-13,000 versus buying two portable units for about $400 each! Oh course, both options have pros and cons but what an honest man to help us decide.

Thank you for sending Daniel to see us, he is kind,extremely knowledgeable and honest. I thought it was like talking to my neighbor."

Jim B.

They provided great customer service and explained everything after they installed the furnace and when maintenance was needed. The technicians were...

Heidi - Seattle

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"I have been a customer of MM Comfort for over 18 years and have always been happy with their service."

Steve M. -

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Called for an appointment to get our gas furnace serviced and they offered us to send a technician out the same day. Tyler called us 30 minutes prior...

Kerstin - Woodinville

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