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What Do You Look For In An HVAC Service Company

24-7-availability-mm-comfort-systems.pngA lot of people don’t think too long, or too hard about the HVAC service company they rely on, until something breaks, but when you stop to consider it, most people will include the following items, at a minimum, on their must-have list:

  • Reliability and quality workmanship
  • Fast, friendly, professional service
  • 24/7 availability
  • Fair, transparent pricing

If you haven’t yet settled on an HVAC service company to help you keep your equipment in top form, all year long, then we’d like to invite you to consider MM Comfort Systems.  We’ve been proudly exceeding the expectations of our customers since we first opened our doors, back in 1977. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

More Than Just A Service Company

Of course, preferably, you want to select a company that can do more than just fix things when they break, and provide periodic maintenance.  We understand that, which is why MM Comfort Services has expanded their service offerings to include a whole lot more than just that.  We also offer:

And more.

You’ll also find that we carry an extensive array of products that extend well beyond simple heaters and air conditioners.  Check out our online product catalog to see our entire line.

Have You Had A Home Energy Audit Performed?

Relatively few people have ever had a home energy audit performed, and if you haven’t, you should seriously consider it.  At MM Comfort Systems, we offer not just one type of home energy audit, but three different tiers, depending on your specific needs.

It’s a good idea to have one performed periodically, in order to get a snapshot of exactly how your system is performing.  So what kinds of things does an audit check for?  Among other things, the audit will tell you:

  • The major components of your monthly power bills
  • An inspection of your home’s insulation levels and effectiveness
  • Identifying any air leaks in your home that could degrade the performance of your system

Armed with this kind of detailed information, you can take steps that will dramatically improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of your home’s HVAC equipment, saving you money month after month.

If you’ve tried a few different service companies but haven’t settled on one yet that meets all your needs, call us today and schedule an appointment to experience the MM Comfort Systems difference

"I am very happy with our decision to go with MM"

Brooke W. -

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Called for an appointment to get our gas furnace serviced and they offered us to send a technician out the same day. Tyler called us 30 minutes prior...

Kerstin - Woodinville

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"MM...offered me more for my money. So happy I went with them!"

Caitlin H. -

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