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Learn why many homeowners are turning to ductless systems!
Ductless systems allow you to heat and/or cool your home without invasive ductwork. They offer quiet operation, compact design and require minimal installation. Both Heat Pump and A/C solutions offer flexibility whether you’re looking to create your comfort zone in one room or multiple rooms.
Do you want air conditioning but can’t add duct work?
Are you renovating your home?
Are you suffering from a hot or cold spot in your home?
Ductless Air Conditioning systems are not considered to be central air systems because they deliver cooling to specific, targeted areas within the home. The installation is less invasive and can be less expensive because they don't rely on ductwork to distribute cooled air. Ductless systems have an outdoor unit connected through a small hole to a compact wall-mounted unit indoors. Each indoor unit is designed to provide cool air only for the room in which it is installed. The indoor unit can be installed on a wall, in the ceiling, or on the floor. Ductless systems are available for small spaces, such as one or two rooms, and can also be expanded to create up to 8 separate climate zones in your home.
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These flexible systems deliver pinpointed comfort in the areas where indoor units are placed. They also act as a zoning system by offering individual temperature control over each separate room. For example, if you want a cooler home office but a warmer bedroom, install a ductless unit in each room. Now you can set different temperatures in each area depending on your comfort needs and a wireless remote makes it easy to stay at your ideal comfort. Not only are these units generally very energy efficient, but they also give you a much more refined level of control than you would have with a traditional duct-based system.
residential heating and cooling
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