Water HeaterShould You Go Tankless?

We take on the pros and cons of tankless water heaters.

If you are contemplating making the shift to a tankless water heater, you should carefully consider the pros and cons first.



  • Say Bye-Bye to Cold Showers — If you have a large family or teenagers in the home, a cold shower in the morning is nothing new to you. A gas tankless water heater may be the answer to that icy alarm clock. Since the water is heated as you need it and not all at once, there is no running out of hot water.  A standard 50-gallon water heater set to 120 degrees can take 1 hour and 20 minutes or more to heat water coming in if the water temperature begins at 50 degrees.
  • Say Hello to More Hot Water — Tankless water heater will provide you with an endless supply of hot water…20 minute shower? No problem!  Want to jump into the shower immediately after filling your bathtub?  No problem!
  • Longevity — The life expectancy of a tankless water heater can be in excess of 20 years (with proper maintenance), which is about twice the lifespan of storage water heaters. Tank units normally have a 6-year warranty and typically only last 8 to 10 years.
  • No Waste — Many gas tankless water heaters are made of solely of recycled materials where as most tank water heaters must be taken to a designated recycling center.
  • Saves You Money — We all want to save money, so an advantage to going tankless is by only heating the water when you need it, you save money. Tank water heaters waste energy and money by heating water you aren’t using. This can cut your costs and give you a savings of up to 30% per year.
  • Small and Compact — Tankless water heaters can be put virtually anywhere in the house. They can be hung on the wall, either inside or outside of your home depending on your climate. This is a huge benefit for those that are short on living space.
  • Helps Prevent Water Damage – In most cases the first indication that a Storage Tank Type Water Heater has failed is water leaking out of the tank (typically due to the steel tank rusting). This can cause significant damage to your home.  Tankless Water Heaters do not store water, and the internal parts are copper and/or stainless steel…nothing to rust!


  • Cost — A typical Tankless Water Heater can cost 2 to 3 times as much as a standard 50 gallon gas water heater
  • Additional Installation Costs – Depending on the installation conditions and location, there can be some additional installation costs as compared to a Standard Gas Water Heater.
  • Total Water Volume – Due to the physics of heating water “On-Demand”, a single tankless water heater may not be sufficient for your individual home and/or family needs.
  • More Complicated – Due to the complexity of Tankless Water Heaters, installation should be done by a skilled, licensed, and trained professional.

If it’s time to buy a new water heater, or you simply would like more hot water (at a lower daily cost) call us and we’ll help you decide if tankless is right for you!


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