VentilationKeeping It Fresh: The Importance Of Ventilation

At MM Comfort Systems, we know that heating and cooling a house is a large expense. Because of this, most modern homes are built to be energy-efficient. In the heating season, they are made to keep the warm air inside. The cooling season requires maintaining a comfortable temperature no matter how hot it is outside. Homes are constructed with a minimum of spaces where air can leak out.

The Problem With Stale Air

Unfortunately, these well-constructed homes have a problem. Keeping the climate-controlled air inside means that stale air cannot get out and fresh air cannot get in. Over time, without proper ventilation, all sorts of irritants build up in the air in your home. Dust particles, pet dander and pollen may be floating in the atmosphere. For people with respiratory issues, this can cause asthma attacks or breathing difficulties. Even for people without such issues, contaminants in the air can cause headaches and poor sleep.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Another source of poor air quality that is made worse by poor ventilation is volatile organic compounds. VOCs have many different sources. In the kitchen, cooking with oil can lead to small droplets of oil in the atmosphere. Cleaning products and beauty products can also be found in trace amounts. Other common VOCs come from paint and the breakdown of plastics over time.

Home Ventilation Solutions

Some ventilation solutions are fairly easy. If you are painting or using cleaners, turn on an exhaust fan or at least open a window. If you are serious about improving the ventilation in your building, you will want to call in expert technicians like those at MM Comfort Systems. Modern ventilation systems will make sure that there is a constant exchange of fresh and stale air in your building. These systems are now even more efficient, with the ability to transfer the heat and humidity between incoming and outgoing air. In the Seattle area, MM Comfort Systems has you covered for all of your heating, cooling and ventilation needs. We can offer you excellent climate-control options, and we will install, maintain and repair your equipment to keep it running at its best. We also provide commercial HVAC services. Give us a call today, and let MM Comfort Systems keep your home comfortable throughout the year.


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