ThermostatsThermostat Reading The Wrong Temperature?

If you have recently noticed that your building’s thermostat doesn’t seem to be displaying the correct temperature, you may be a bit worried. As you might expect, there are quite a few potential reasons for an incorrect reading. These are a few of them.

1. An Old Thermostat

When your thermostat starts to get a little old, it won’t perform as well as it once did, and it will eventually begin to give off inaccurate temperature readings. Fortunately, an MM Comfort Systems technician is always available to install a new thermostat for you.

2. A Bad Location

If your thermostat is fitted next to a drafty door or in direct sunlight, it is likely to make inaccurate readings. If you want to make sure that your thermostat gives an accurate reading of the temperature in your home, it should be placed in an area that is not subject to external stimuli such as this.

3. An Unleveled Thermostat

Older thermostats are often quite sensitive to change and disruption. Something as simple as bumping into it and making it unleveled can throw off the accuracy of its readings. An MM Comfort Systems team member can help you re-level the thermostat or install a more modern one if you would like to avoid dealing with this problem again in the future.

4. A Malfunctioning Sensor

If the sensor inside your thermostat is not working correctly, your readings will almost certainly be inaccurate. In many cases, this problem can be fixed by simply re-calibrating the sensor. In some cases, however, you may be better served by replacing the sensor entirely.

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