PlumbingToilet Leaking From the Bottom?

If you notice your toilet leaking from the bottom, you’ll want to take action. A pool of water at your toilet base can lead to water damage. Thankfully, it’s not too hard to find the problem and fix it. 

This type of leak usually happens when you flush the toilet. First, soak up the pool of water and flush the toilet again to ensure the leak isn’t just condensation on the toilet bowl posing as a leak. If it leaks again at the base when flushed, stop using the toilet. There’s likely dirty water coming out, which you don’t want all over your floor. Not only that, but the water can damage the floor, subfloor, and even the ceiling of the room below.

Once you’ve determined there’s a leak at the base, it’s time to investigate possible causes for the problem. There are a few areas you’ll want to check.

Toilet leaking from the bottom? Check here!

  1. Tank lid
  2. T-bolts
  3. Wax ring
  4. Water supply line

1. Tank lid

If you see your toilet leaking from the bottom, you first need to check higher up. Remove the tank lid and make sure the leak isn’t actually coming from there. If the toilet is running, it can flow over the sides and create a puddle. If you don’t see this, move on to the next area.

2. T-bolts

T-bolts are on the floor at the base of your toilet. These bolts are what keeps your toilet attached to the floor. They’re usually under a plastic cover, which can be tricky to remove, so you may need a screwdriver to help you.

Once you have the cover off, you can check out the bolts. These bolts can become loose, which will cause water to leak out of the bowl. Grab a wrench and make sure they’re tight, but not too tight. You want to prevent leaks, but be careful not to break the toilet.

3. Wax ring

Another possible cause for the leaking is a broken seal due to a worn wax ring. The wax ring is what seals the toilet to the drain pipes, but it can wear down over time. Once this happens, there is no longer a proper seal and water can leak through the base of your toilet. Unfortunately, fixing this problem involves turning off the water and removing the entire toilet. If you don’t want to attempt this yourself, it can’t hurt to call in a professional plumber at this point.

4. Water supply line

If you notice water leaking continuously, instead of just when you flush the toilet, the culprit could be a loose water supply line. Check where the supply line connects to the tank, and make sure the nut and rubber seals aren’t loose.


You never want to walk into your bathroom and find that dreaded puddle on the floor. Or worse, accidentally step IN the puddle. Thankfully, there are several simple causes to this problem that you can look for yourself. You can also help keep your toilet in great shape by inspecting it and being proactive with maintenance. If you need help with a toilet leaking from the bottom, or any other plumbing problem, give us a call at


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