MaintenanceHow To Get More Out Of Your HVAC maintenance Visit

Use the time to learn more about maintaining your system.

We rarely notice the hum of our heating and cooling systems – that is until they stop dead silent in the middle of winter or the hottest day of summer. You can call for maintenance right away, but you’ll have to wait for what feels like forever, while the technician performs service on all the other homes with heaters that broke down just before yours did. Avoid this frustrating and uncomfortable wait by scheduling regular annual maintenance to avoid breakdowns in the first place.

The Value of Annual maintenance

Regular maintenance is sometimes needed to keep the warranty valid on a newer heating system, so it could be something you need to be doing anyway. Even without a warranty to look after, you’re wise to schedule regular maintenance visits to help prevent breakdowns in the first place.

And when you realize that a repair visit usually costs close to $100 just for the technician to walk in the door, the cost of an annual maintenance agreement begins to look very attractive. It looks even more so when you realize that a regularly maintained heating and cooling system can save you 25 to 40 percent on heating and cooling energy.

Choosing a maintenance Agreement

When choosing a maintenance contract, you should find out exactly what it covers, such as how many hours of repair work the agreement includes, should the technician find a problem during a maintenance visit.

Some HVAC providers offer a variety of service agreement models, priced to meet the varying needs of different homeowners. For instance, you may receive a coupon in the mail that’s good for a maintenance visit, but that visit may not cover all the services you’d get under a full agreement. Technicians generally price services in line with the level of work performed, so what looks like a great deal on an annual service visit might turn out to be only a small break on a limited annual inspection.

Pay Attention — You Just Might Learn Something

During a full annual maintenance visit, the technician will look for energy efficient killers like dirty or worn filters, thermostats and flues. He’ll be on the lookout for soot in the flue that might signal a problem, or identify leaky ductwork that could be wasting energy. He may need to lubricate the fan motors depending on what he finds as well. All of these little jobs add up to a big increase in energy efficiency.

While the technician works, it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to what he does. You’re likely to pick up a few extra maintenance tips that will benefit the life of your system. Most technicians are happy to have a little company while they work. This is also a good time for you to ask about the different service agreements he offers and which ones may fit your needs best.

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