HVAC SystemsWhat Is A Seer Rating?

SEER rating stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is a metric that is used to measure the energy efficiency of cooling systems. If a system has a high SEER rating, it is more energy-efficient than a system with a lower energy rating. It is achieved by determining the ratio of a cooling output of an AC over a normal cooling season divided by its energy consumption in Watts per hour. SEER ratings, however, cannot be used as the primary tool for measuring efficiency. It is important to note that a SEER rating is a variable rather than a constant value. Older AC units are generally less efficient than newer models. A SEER rating gives you the maximum rating. If, for example, your rating is 21, it does not mean that your unit is always running at 21 SEER.

Do Higher Ratings Cost More?

Yes. The initial cost of upgrading your AC to higher rating may be costly. However, it is a good way to save on energy costs in the long-run. You may save up to $300 annually. The efficiency of your AC may depend on proper installation of the unit, proper sizing according to the needs of your home, and accurate evaluation. Proper insulation may also affect your cooling needs. If your home is poorly insulated, it may have excessive air leaks which demand a higher cooling capacity. Insulate your home properly to increase efficiency. It is wise to get the advice of a certified HVAC technician when choosing your AC unit. Do not install it yourself unless you have the training. Find the unit that will give you the highest SEER rating according to our budget. You will find the SEER rating of your unit displayed on the EnergyGuide label.

Minimum SEER Ratings

The minimum SEER in Northern states is 13. For the Southern States, the minimum is 14. The minimums only apply to newer units. Air conditioners that were manufactured before 2006 may still be sold even if they do not meet the minimum requirements. Homeowners may continue to use their older models. It is, however, wise to install newer energy-efficient models.

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