HVAC SystemsVatican Chooses Carrier For HVAC Upgrades

The Sistine Chapel gets an HVAC upgrade using Carrier technology.

Choosing a good HVAC system can be challenging, but one bit of recent news might make your decision a little easier. The Sistine Chapel, facing a surge in tourism since the election of Pope Francis, has chosen Carrier to design an HVAC system engineered specifically for the Vatican Museum. If Carrier is good enough for the Pope, we’re pretty sure it’s good enough for your home.

Popular Pope, Surging Tourism and Cooling the Sistine Chapel

Pope Francis had been serving less than 10 months by the end of last year. His popularity has brought aboutthree times more tourism from the date of his election to the end of 2013 than in all of 2012. The surge has prompted the Vatican to improve the Sistine Chapel’s HVAC system to keep the swarms of visitors more comfortable.

Carrier Ordained for the Job

Carrier installed a new HVAC system at the Sistine Chapel in the 1990s, but it was designed for a much smaller crowed. The new system will cool the building and the 300 percent increase in visitors it has experienced since 1980. But it’s about more than just comfort. The new Carrier system will also protect the delicate frescoes of Michelangelo from the dust, dirt and grime brought in by all that foot traffic by filtering the air.

Although the new system will manage 3 times the population of the old system, Carrier has made such great strides in technology that it will be twice as efficient. Director of the Vatican Technical Services, Rev. Rafael Garcia de la Serrana Villalobos, remarked: “The Carrier solution is the right response to our urgent need to establish a highly controlled microclimate as well as an effective reduction of pollutants.”

A system this big doesn’t go in overnight. The installation will take several months to complete. Installer UTC Building and Industrial Systems will dismantle Carrier’s old system over the summer and replace it with a temporary unit to maintain the museum’s environment until the new system can be installed.

A Reputation for Excellence

MM Comfort Systems is proud to offer Carrier systems to its customers. The HVAC manufacturer has a solid reputation for excellence, which we’ve seen firsthand over the past 30-plus years. The company is always innovating, always improving – creating more efficient heating and cooling systems for residents of Bellevue and Redmond. Given all the great things we’ve seen from this company, we’re not surprised Carrier was chosen to protect the precious works of Michelanagelo in the Sistine Chapel.

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If Carrier is good enough for the Vatican, surely it’s good enough for your home. Call us at 425.533.9058 or use our online contact form to arrange for a free consultation and quote. We’ll explain just what makes Carrier systems so good and why we recommend their systems so widely.


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