HVAC SystemsNew Commercial HVAC Retrofit Technology Offers 50 Percent Energy Savings

The Enerfit works perfectly with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory retrofit recommendations.

A Chattanooga, TN inventor has come up with an ingeniously simple idea for a commercial HVAC retrofit that could cut energy costs by 50 percent – plus, it pays for itself in just a couple of years. Although it’s not right for every commercial HVAC retrofit, many small businesses will realize significant savings.

An Aha! Moment Leads to Greater Efficiency

Ron Patch had an “aha!” moment when he came up with the idea of the retrofit panel that uses sensors and controls to improve efficiency in single-zone commercial HVAC systems. At that time, he had already spent 30 years working on commercial systems, frustrated by the lack of efficiency and complications associated with retrofitting.

Six years later, Enerfit emerged as a product that creates unheard of savings. According to Patch, the bigger the unit is, the bigger the savings. For one client, Enerfit paid for itself in just three or four months of use.

Greater Comfort Using Less Energy

Commercial HVAC design has been very late to green-energy party. Most systems run the fan at one speed only and do little to help with humidity. Enerfit changes that by adding a dehumidifier, sensors and controls that create graduated speeds for fans. This offers greater control over air and temperature distribution through the building, while removing moisture that can make rooms feel cool and uncomfortable when they should be warm and dry.

Save Energy and Repair Costs

The one-speed, full-on torque at startup creates mechanical problems too. The sudden jolt stretches fan belts. That means frequent maintenance to retighten them. By gradually bringing the fan up to speed instead, Enerfit puts less wear on the equipment and saves on the cost of repairs.

Smart Controller

Enerfit can sense the air humidity, temperature and flow to find the ideal speed at which the fan should blow. To use this function, one of the leading sources of the retrofit’s benefits, you must also install a variable-frequency drive (VDL) for the fan. And if you’d like, you can connect the system to a web server and use your browser to access graphical controls, settings and system status. Using this interface, building managers can create different set point schedules around the times the building is occupied, wasting less energy after business hours.

This system only needs one more item to fill the retrofit recommendations of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) for efficiency. PNNL researched the ideal retrofit measures for the Department of Energy in 2011. Based on the study’s findings, we see that adding the Enerfit and VDL, plus supplementing air conditioning with airside economizers to pull cool air in from the outside, would provide the ultimate in efficiency for your system. You could save as much as 60 percent on energy costs.

Contact MM Comfort Systems for the Right Retrofit

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