HVAC SystemsMaintenanceHow Much Should You Spend On HVAC maintenance?

Knowing what maintenance costs helps you make smarter decisions about your system.

When money is tight, putting out the money for a service contract on your HVAC system can be painful, but it’s not nearly as painful as the cost of breakdowns. A good rule of thumb when it comes to your heating and air conditioning is to spend 70 percent of your budget on preventative maintenance and expect 30 percent to go towards corrective maintenance. Following this rule, it becomes easier to decide when a repair is or is not worth the expense.

Regular maintenance Prevents Breakdown

By having an HVAC service contract, you can double the life of your system. The only expenses you will have in between are the costs of changing your filters, which you should do every 90 days to improve energy efficiency in your system. If you don’t know how to do this simple maintenance task, ask an HVAC technician or your local home improvement store clerk to show you.

What a maintenance Contract Does for You

By extending the life of your system, a regular contract saves you money in the cost of a replacement system before its time. It will also save you in service calls, which can run anywhere between $40 and $250 just to diagnose the problem. Then you’ll have to deal with the cost of parts and labor for the repair. You may find you also need to call in an electrician or plumber for parts of the system like the thermostat or a gas line leading to the system.

A yearly maintenance contract often includes a few pre-paid visits at a discounted cost. This pays for any problems that arise plus regular service visits, offering you predictable costs and an easier way to stay on budget. Having an annual contract pays for itself in some ways. Regular maintenance improves efficiency, saving you on electricity and fuel. By spotting trouble earlier, your repair costs are lower than if you let the problems fester and cause bigger breakdowns.

What Should You Pay for an HVAC maintenance Service Contract?

A service contract can cost from $150 to $500 a year, depending on many factors. Without a contract, routine visits cost between $125 and $175 each.

Be certain the following services are included in your contract:

  • Air filter replacement
  • Thermostat check
  • Drain rinse, mold inhibition treatment
  • Condensing coil inspection
  • Refrigerant line inspection and recharge (if needed)
  • Electrical connections inspected
  • Belt inspection
  • System lubrication
  • Intake and outflow duct inspection

You might decide the cost is not worthwhile if your system is still under warranty. Check your warranty carefully to see what it covers before making that decision. You should also make sure the annual contract costs less than the services included in it. The point of paying for an annual contract is to get a reduced rate.

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