HVAC SystemsGoing Greener With Your Seattle HVAC System Filters

Reduce your carbon footprint with reusable HVAC filters.

Most of us are familiar with the HVAC system filters that need changing every one to three months, but did you know an alternative option isn’t disposable and therefor is greener? Reusable HVAC system filters can save you money while keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills.

Reusable HVAC Filters

Think about it. You can buy one reusable filter, or keep buying and buying disposable ones. Almost every home has a central heating system and every one of them needs a filter change regularly.

This isn’t just a matter of reducing dust in your home either. Changing the filter keeps the system running at peak efficiency, saving you money on energy. And by using a non-disposable filter, you reduce your carbon footprint even more.

A reusable filter is very much like a standard filter, except you can wash it instead of throwing it away. You’ll pay more for the individual filters, but after a year of use, it pays for itself. These filters are usually made of foam instead of the paper-like material you may have seen. Because you will be rinsing the filter with water to clean it, you’ll want one that includes antimicrobial materials to prevent mold growth. The frame should be stainless or aluminum to prevent rusting.

Getting the Most from Reusable Filters

The easiest way to manage reusable filters is to have two of them. During the warm months, go outside and hose the filter that was in the furnace. If it’s too cold for that, immerse the filter in a bathtub with a few inches of water to clean it. Use the second filter while the cleaned one dries.

Choosing the Right Filter

Be careful when choosing an air filter, though. Some makers overemphasize filtration levels. That’s a problem because air filters are primarily meant for protecting your heating system, not controlling air quality. If you filter out too much, you end up with a dense filter that blocks airflow and can reduce efficiency. In some cases, air filters can actually damage your system by blocking air flow and overheating the system.

Bob Vila, the famous host of This Old House, recommends reusable electros tic filters. These act like electrostatic air cleaners, while protecting your heating system from dust and particles. Some come with carbon filtration to control odor as well. They aren’t overly expensive at about $20 each, and can last you as long as 10 years.

Understand that reusable filters aren’t for everyone. If you have severe allergies, cleaning the filter exposes you to contaminants – you definitely don’t want that. But for the average homeowner, a reusable filter is a smart choice. Remember, there is no proven health benefit to higher filtration levels on HVAC filters. And why should you spend more if you don’t have to?

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