HeatingRust Is A Serious Danger To Your Seattle Heating System And Your Safety

When was the last time you had your heating system checked for rust?

In moist climates like Seattle, rust is an especially common problem. It’s the bane of all things iron, resulting when oxygen and moisture encounter the metal. Rust weakens metal, presenting a danger when parts of your heating system that create heat begin to corrode.

Serious Safety Threat in Rusted Heat Exchangers

The heat exchanger in your furnace transfers heat to the air vents in your home for distribution. When parts in it begin to rust, the heat exchanger can crack, releasing dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. Anyone living in a climate as moist as Seattle should have their furnace checked every year for signs of damage to the heat exchanger as a matter of safety. One sign of this problem is a clicking noise from the furnace cabinet. If you hear this noise, shut off the main gas supply and call for repair immediately. These gas leaks can be deadly.

Rust in Your Boiler Tank Can Cause Leaks

Rust is common on boilers too, but it’s usually superficial. Left unchecked, it can cause leaks and force you to replace the unit.

Because boilers are in constant contact with water, corrosion from rust is a natural danger. To combat the problem, boilers include an anode rod, which redirects corrosion to itself, protecting the tank. The rod should be checked every year to see if it needs replacement. If you allow it to rust through, it will stop doing its job and the tank will begin to rust.

Rusty HVAC Duct Work Can Be a Health Hazard

When rust appears on your ductwork, moisture must be present. And where there is moisture, there is usually mold. This problem can cause serious air quality problems in your home. Ductwork left untreated can eventually rust through. This allows dust into your system along with the mold, further damaging air quality. It also decreases efficiency from the lost air. A yearly inspection will ensure this problem does not go unnoticed.

Heating Oil Tanks Can Rust

The tank that houses your home heating oil could last 60 years or more. Then again, if made from cheaper-gauge metal, it could rust and require replacement. These tanks rust from the inside out, so superficial rust on the outside is of little concern. But if you notice leaks coming from the tank, it probably needs replacement due to rust. You should also inspect all fuel lines for similar issues.

Any part of your heating system that includes metal can suffer from rust. While some rust is harmless, in many cases it can cause serious headaches.

Don’t take a chance on heating system rust creating hazards in your home.

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