HeatingCan I Recycle My Heating System?

It is that time of year when people start to go Christmas shopping, put up their decorations, and start to deal with the reality that winter is on its way. With this idea in mind, it is vital for families to think about how they are going to heat their home. As families start to boot up their heating systems for the first time in months, they might realize that their systems are not as effective as they used to be. It might be time to get a new heating system. To this end, can people recycle their old heating system?

What Can Be Recycled?

HVAC systems are large and made up of a variety of different types of metal. The short answer is that some of the old heating system can be recycled and some of it cannot be recycled. Some of the pieces that people should be able to recycle include:

  • The boxes that the heating system came in
  • The motors that are used to turn the gears and power the heating system
  • The coils that are used to generate the electrical current
  • The sheet metal that is used to frame the heating system

Based on the type of heating system, there could be other parts that can be recycled as well. What parts are likely not recyclable?

What Cannot Be Recycled?

Heating systems also have a few parts that are likely not able to be recycled. Some of these include:

  • The material that is used to make the ducts
  • The fiberboard
  • Any of the capacitors that are used to power the furnace
  • Small plastic parts that have likely degraded over time

Make sure to talk to the professionals about the possibility of recycling the old heating system prior to installing the new one!

Contact the Professionals

When it is time to get a new heating system, families should trust the professionals at MM Comfort Systems. The Seattle system is known for its cold winters and families need to make sure that they are prepared. The professional technicians at MM Comfort Systems provide a wide array of services when it comes to heating installation, heating repair, and heating maintenance. Do not wait for the temperatures outside to drop! Call today to make an appointment!


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