HeatingBring The Hybrid Concept To Your Seattle Home With A Hybrid Heating System

Hybrid heating systems for your home

The same way your Prius can run on more than one fuel source, your home can run on more than one heat source. And like the eco-friendly car we know and love, hybrid heating systems save money on fuel while keeping harmful carbon emissions out of the environment. The more energy prices rise, the more homeowners will be looking to hybrid heating systems to help them cut costs.

Hybrid systems combine the energy efficiency of a heat pump like the Carrier 25HCB5 Comfort Series Heat Pump with the furnace you already have (if your furnace is more than seven years old, chances are it’s time for a new one). By using the systems together, you get the maximum cost savings coupled with maximum comfort.

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps work by transferring existing heat energy from outside sources into your home. It could be 30 degrees outside, but that still leaves energy in the air to be collected. The ground temperature stays about 50 degrees all year, so there is even more heat to be collected there. Heat pumps will use one source or the other since air systems use a different version of the technology to transfer energy.

As a bonus, heat pumps are also good air conditioners in summer. They cool and dehumidify the air by working in reverse and taking the heat out of the air inside of your home and transferring it outdoors.

Heat pumps are good at warming the home…to a point. If it gets cold enough, less heat energy is available to collect from the air. Even with ground systems, the cold outside air eventually overwhelms the heat inside when using a heat pump alone. When it gets really chilly, we need to pull out the big guns with a furnace. By burning a fuel source, the furnace can raise temperatures higher and faster than a heat pump can.

The furnace will remain dormant most of the time. It will kick in as a backup when the heat pump has to periodically defrost its coils, or it will run when outdoor temperatures fall too low for the heat pump to work efficiently. The colder it gets outside, the less heat there is available to transfer, making the pump work harder and use more electricity.

Types of Heat Pumps for Hybrid Systems

Air-sourced heat pumps are by far more affordable than ground-sourced pumps. More maintenance is needed than with a straight furnace system, as you have to change filters monthly to keep the heat pump in good operating condition. The 30 percent or so you’ll save on your heating bill may be well worth the small inconvenience.

Other types of heat pumps are coming into vogue. Some of the newer technologies on the market include:

  • Radiant floor systems that heat and cool water instead of air
  • Ductless systems
  • Dual compressors
  • Scroll compressors

Call to Find Out How Much a Seattle Hybrid Heating System Can Save You

A hybrid heating system can save you a bundle. Coupled with a reliable maintenance program like our Seattle furnace maintenance agreements, it becomes hassle-free. Call us at 425.533.9058 or fill out our online contact form for more information.


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