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A thermostat doesn’t usually draw attention to itself. The box remains mounted on the wall, and no one bothers with it until the time comes to raise or lower the temperature. One day, however, a homeowner may adjust the thermostat and hear a clicking sound. Is this something to feel any alarm over?

Electricity and Relays

A gas-powered furnace does not rely exclusively on gas. There are electrical components that play a role, too. Once someone touches the thermostat, the electric current stream opens or closes. When this occurs, there might be a clicking sound. So, clicks from the thermostat might not be a big deal. However, be sure that the sounds aren’t coming from the furnace, as this would indicate a possible problem. Besides service and repair work, MM Comfort Systems offers consultations and inspections. Our Seattle-area technicians could check for problems with the thermostat and furnace.

Muffling the Thermostat

Even if it’s not indicating any problems, the sound could still be annoying. Insulating the box might muffle the sounds. However, DIY approaches that involve covering it with “unapproved” materials aren’t recommended. Leave the insulation job to pros who’ll do things the right way.

Screws, Mounts and Issues

Clicking sounds may be due to the way the screws mount the thermostat to the wall. If someone turned the screws way too tight, the thermostat might click when engaged. Loosening the screws could solve the problem. Overly loose screws, however, can cause clicking sounds, as well. Finding a happy tension medium with the screws may be best.

The Wall Plays a Role

Mounting a thermostat on a hollow wall may lead to clicks. If the thermostat mounts on a room with high ceilings, small clicks might sound louder. Contacting a technician to move the thermostat could solve the problem. Don’t hesitate to call MM Comfort Systems if you think something is wrong with your home’s heating and cooling system. Besides offering work with thermostats and zoning, we handle projects related to air quality, generators and heat pumps. We have offices in Seattle, Tacoma and Redmond.


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