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Oct 28

MM Comfort BLOG

Seattle / Tacoma Area Furnace and Heat Pump Costs Increased by Regulations

Posted by MM Comfort BLOG

Washington State and the Seattle / Tacoma area in particular, are governed by a series of rules and regulations relating to HVAC installations. While these regulations are well intended they have the affect of adding cost, time and complexity to straight forward projects such furnace replacement and heat pump installation.

Local municipalities (think cities) require mechanical permits to ensure safe, code compliant installation. Cost and inspection processes vary by municipality. For example, the City of Seattle also requires sound ordinance compliance analysis and documentation for placement of outdoor units such as heat pumps. Additionally, Washington State Energy Code requires duct pressurization testing with installation of a new furnace or outdoor unit. In all cases, cost and coordination are required from the involved homeowner.

In addition to local mechanical permits, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries requires its own, separate permit for any involved electrical work - including installation of new low voltage thermostat wiring. There is a cost for this permit.

MM Comfort Systems is very familiar with the various requirements, maintains positive relationships with code authorities and strives to ensure compliance with the least amount of cost and inconvenience. Nonetheless, time (administrative, coordination) and cost associated with compliance is significant and reflected in the price of each and every project.