Heating SystemsKirkland Heating System Quote Utilizes Combination of Carrier Heat Pump And High Efficiency Gas Furnace For Optimal Energy Savings

When responding to a request for a Kirkland heating system quote, our MMCS installation specialists understood from the homeowner that they wanted to realize substantial energy savings. These customers were in the midst of a total visual update and remodel of their home, and wanted their new heating system to match. For this type of Kirkland heating system quote, MM Comfort Systems are the ones to call. We have the experience, and the expertise, to bring to fruition the desires of these homeowners.

A visit to the customer’s residential 98033 neighborhood demonstrated that a serious remodel was definitely in progress. As part of this Kirkland heating system quote, we suggested using the hybrid of a Carrier 25HCC542 3.5-ton heat pump with a CNPVP2148 coil, backed up by a Carrier 58MCB060-16, 60,000 Btu/92% AFUE gas furnace. When combined with duct blaster testing to discover out any possible leaks, and substantial ductwork sealing, these homeowners could expect to see their heating costs lowered by 50%.

Once they’d received their Kirkland heating system quote, these wise homeowners quickly saw the benefits of choosing the experts at MM Comfort Systems to install their hybrid heat system, and arranged for us to do the work. It’s been about three months since the completion of their remodel, and MM Comfort’s heating system installation. Our customers are ecstatic with the energy savings they’re reaping from their new Carrier heating system, thanks to MM Comfort Systems.


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