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Sep 28

MM Comfort BLOG

Three Legged Stool of Comfort and Efficiency

Posted by MM Comfort BLOG

 Comfort, efficiency and safety are the holly grail of healthy indoor environments.  Many times high efficiency heating / cooling equipment such as furnaces and heat pumps grab the limelight.  Unfortunately, installing high efficiency equipment alone is not enough.  AIR DUCT SYSTEMS and a building's THERMAL ENVELOPE must also be in good shape to get the benefit from even the most advanced equipment.  Leaky, poorly insulated duct work and/or building envelope contribute to poor indoor air quality, thwart energy savings available from even the most efficient equipment and are sometimes dangerous.

Progressive HVAC companies are now offering comprehensive "Home Performance" services which take a holistic look at how a home performs.  This 360 degree approach includes inspection, testing, analysis, recommendations and implementation.  Many times air duct sealing and insulation upgrades allow utilization of smaller heating / cooling equipment.  Indoor air quality is always improved.  See to learn more.