Heat Pump MaintenanceWhy Should I Have My Water Heater Flushed Yearly?

Water Heater

A water heater is a modern convenience most of us would not want to do without. To maximize its convenience and functional reliability, proper maintenance is required. That means flushing the unit to keep both the mechanism and water flowing through it healthy. MM Comfort Systems in Redmond, WA, can help you with this. Here are a few reasons why you should not skip flushing your home’s water heater annually.

Clear Out Sediments

Water carries minerals such as calcium with it. When the water is sitting in your water heater, so are those minerals. If you are not using water softeners, the minerals continue to accumulate inside. Over time, the accumulation makes the water even harder. An annual flush clears out the buildup. This is beneficial for the heater and the quality of your water.

Reduce Noise

Because it essentially clears out debris, a flush also reduces the noise made by the heater. During the flushing process, an HVAC professional can inspect the unit and determine if there are other reasons for the sounds.

Improve Water Speed

Bear in mind that, as your heater accumulates a buildup, the minerals left behind slow down the movement of the water passing through. Once the heater has been flushed, the minerals will be cleared out. This produces quicker water flow.

Reduce Energy Costs

If the water heater is not flushed, it is working harder, and whenever an appliance has to work harder than necessary, it consumes more energy. Extra energy use leads to higher energy costs. An annual flush is a one-time expenditure that makes the heater more energy efficient, thus reducing your energy costs for the rest of the year.

Avoid Stagnant Water Odors

When stagnant water accumulates, it produces a smell. An annual flush cleans out the heater and helps get rid of that odor. The water flowing from your faucets will be healthier for it In addition to flushing out water heaters, MM Comfort Systems provides a full range of residential and commercial heating and cooling installation, repair and maintenance services to clients throughout Seattle, Sumner, Tacoma and Redmond. We also clean ducts, conduct home energy audits and perform electrical work. Call us today to discuss any of your needs or request more information.


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