Heat Pump MaintenanceHow Often Should I Have My Heat Pump Serviced?

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Your heat pump is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in your home. Any time a major HVAC component does not work properly, the entire household may suffer. Regular maintenance is critical to maintaining an efficient, effective heat pump and for achieving the maximum lifespan. At MM Comfort Systems, our talented, licensed technicians provide regular maintenance for commercial businesses and households throughout Tacoma, Redmond and Seattle.

What Is the Best Maintenance Schedule for You?

The best maintenance schedule for your heat pump depends largely on the setting and manufacturer recommendations. As a general rule, we recommend residential heat pumps be serviced at least annually. Heat pumps in commercial settings should receive routine service two to four times each year, depending on how heavily your business uses your heat pump. Our recommendations serve as general guidelines. However, you should always follow your heat pump’s manufacturer recommendations, which can vary from model to model.

What Routine Maintenance Services Does MM Comfort Systems Provide?

During your scheduled maintenance call, our highly skilled, licensed technicians will change your air filters and replace them if necessary. We will clean your system, including the fan and coils. Removing dust and debris is critical to maintaining your heat pump’s efficiency and preventing premature mechanical failure due to the system overworking itself. We offer maintenance agreements to keep your heat pump maintenance routine seamless and more affordable.

Reliable Heat Pump Maintenance and HVAC Service in Tacoma

Heat pump installation and services comprise a small sampling of the value our technicians bring to our residential and commercial customers. We install, repair and service all heating and cooling systems. We also work with homebuilders and remodelers. Whether you are designing an HVAC system from scratch or require simple maintenance and repair for the preexisting system in your home or place of business, count on us to be your reliable HVAC partner. Call MM Comfort Systems in Seattle, Redmond or Tacoma today to schedule heating or cooling services.



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