GeneratorsPower Outage Data Exposed For King & Pierce County

Power Outage Data Exposed for King & Pierce County…

56 power outages left over 375,000 King / Pierce / Snohomish county, electric customers, in the dark over a recent rolling 24 month period.  Some outages lasted as long as five (5) days.  Reasons for electrical service blackouts included everything from animals, trees, equipment failure to inevitable severe weather.  seattle-backup-generatorsState wide there were 129 power outages impacting over 800,000 customers. A growing number of homeowners are purchasing emergency generators to ensure essential appliances such as refrigerators, furnaces and lighting continue to operate during a power outage.  Staying warm, preventing food spoilage, ensuring safe lighting levels while keeping computers and electronic devices charged are big reasons consumers purchase emergency generators.

Unfortunately, many consumers who purchase generators at big-box retailers end up frustrated and left in the dark at their moment of need.  Turns out proper sizing, design and installation are essential for a properly operating emergency generator application.  Overloading or improperly wiring a generator can result in system failure or worse yet “dirty power” damaging electronic components.  Many household appliances, including furnaces, feature modern electronics that require a clean, stable source of power.  In addition, there are significant safety considerations associated with the operation of emergency generator systems.

Generator cost itself is only part of the total cost of a properly designed and installed emergency backup system.   It is strongly recommended that all systems be permitted, installed and maintained by licensed electricians experienced with generators.

Implemented properly, emergency generators will safely provide comfort and protection consumers need in the storm-prone Seattle / Tacoma area.

How can MM Comfort help you survive an outage with a backup generator?

MM Comfort Systems maintains a staff of licensed electricians and is available to assist with generator system design, installation, and maintenance.  Call us today, at 425.533.9058 to get in touch with one of our generator experts.


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