FurnacesYour 7-Step Checklist For Fall Seattle Furnace Maintenance


Print and Use this Checklist to Keep Your Seattle Heating System Running Efficiently

Fall is perfect for maintaining your heating system. The hot weather has passed, making it more comfortable to work. Plus, you can be confident that you’re ready for the cold approaching winter months. The money you save on home heat will be well worth the time to check your system. Print this list and check off each item once complete.

1. Thermostat Settings

First, set the thermostat to “Heat” and raise the thermostat temperature until you hear the system turn on. It should activate when you set the thermostat one or two degrees warmer than the current room temperature. If you hear any unusual sounds when the furnace starts, call a technician for help. The same is true if you notice any unusual odors.

Next, program your thermostat considering the hours when family members will be home. Be sure the house will come up to temperature before others arrive to avoid them tampering with the thermostat settings.

2. Electrical Connections

Look for any broken or exposed wires, burn marks or other potential problems. These could pose a fire risk and require professional repair.

3. Lubricate Moving Parts

Some furnaces, especially older ones, have exposed motor parts that require lubrication. Just two or three drops of 10 weight motor oil will do the trick. Do not use other types of oil. Consider calling in a professional for this service.

3. Fuel Connections

Look for leaks on all fuel lines. Greasy floor stains are a sure sign of a leak. Not only will you lose fuel from the leak, but air will also enter the system while it is running, sapping heater efficiency. Be sure to follow the lines from the furnace all the way to the fuel tank and call a technician if you find problems.

4. Ductwork Inspection

With the fan on, follow the flow of air from the furnace throughout the house and make sure air is blowing from all vents. Call for professional help if any of the vents are blocked.

5. Address any Signs of Rust

It’s vital you check for signs of rust. If you see it anywhere on the system, there’s a chance that hidden parts are rusty too. A rusting or leaking heat exchanger can be deadly. If you see any rust on your system, call for professional help.

6. Change Filter

Dirty filters make your furnace work harder, costing you more to heat the home than necessary. Most homeowners can handle this job without professional help.

7. Chimney Inspection

If you see signs of soot at the top of the exhaust flue, you should call for maintenance. Soot is a sign of inefficient heating. Also, make sure the chimney cap is intact to prevent water from entering the system.

Remember, if you see signs of rust, soot, or leaking fuel, smell strange odors or hear strange sounds coming from your Seattle furnace, it’s time to call a professional.

Call MM Comfort Systems at 425.533.9058 for a free estimate on your Seattle heating system maintenance. You can also reach us by filling out our online contact form. We can perform your fall furnace maintenance and take care of any necessary repairs.


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