FurnacesWhat Can A New Furnace Do For You?

You’ve had your furnace for a long time, but it’s still working. Is it worth it to upgrade to a new furnace now, or should you wait for a full breakdown of your current system to occur first? Here, you’ll learn four key differences between old and new furnaces that can help you decide.

Change in Fuel Source

Modern furnaces almost always run on natural gas. However, if your unit is a few decades old, then it may rely on electricity instead. Electricity is a more expensive source of power than natural gas, so electric furnaces cost more to run. Installing a new gas furnace in your home may lower your power bills.

Heat Exchanger Differences

A furnace relies on its heat exchanger to warm the air that blows through your vents. Improved heat exchanger efficiency leads to greater furnace efficiency. Compared to older units, new furnaces send more air over the heat exchanger. Therefore, the furnace can warm a larger volume of air at one time, which makes the unit more effective and efficient.

Variable Settings

Old furnaces always run at the same level. Their systems don’t allow for differences in output. Thanks to updated technologies, new systems can be more judicial about how much power they use. For example, variable speed air handlers are able to adjust their speed to match the current system needs. Dual-stage heating means that a furnace can operate in low mode on all but the coldest days; at those times, it can switch into high gear.

No More Pilot Lights

Old furnaces rely on pilot lights. These small flames burn all the time, which means that they continually use a bit of gas. In the summer, the air conditioner must work harder to compensate for the warmth that the pilot light gives off. New furnaces have electronic igniters instead. Since they kick in only when the furnace is needed, they’re more efficient than pilot lights. For residential and commercial heating and cooling services in the Redmond/Sumner area, turn to the experienced pros at MM Comfort Systems. Call us today for more information.


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