FurnacesCarrier Introduces New High Efficiency Furnace With Greenspeed Technology

The Infinity® 98 with Greenspeed™ Intelligence offers innovations that save on utilities, provide luxury-level comfort and facilitate quiet operation by constantly meeting the heating demands – never too much or too little heat.

Modulating gas valve helps the Infinity 98 efficiently deliver the ideal heating capacity for current conditions when the Infinity control is included. By continuously adjusting heating output up and down through multiple stages in 1% increments, this furnace precisely matches comfort needs. Most other furnaces can provide only one or two stages of heating and must start a new heating cycle to reduce heating capacity as conditions change.

Precision-Matched Heating Capacity

The variable-speed inducer motor precisely controls air intake within the combustion system to ensure increased gas efficiency for comfortable heating performance.

Ultra quiet operation starts with a variable-speed blower which distributes heated air at the lowest possible setting for the majority of the heating season. Users benefit with sound reduction in addition to consistent indoor comfort. Add variable-speed inducer motor, insulated cabinet and Greenspeed™ intelligence to provide ultra-quiet operation.

Ultra-Quiet Operation

Heat exchangers are vital to furnace efficiency because they extract heat from natural gas used. The Infinity 98 uses two heat exchangers to optimize efficiency. Primary heat exchanger does most of the work. The secondary heat exchanger pulls additional heating energy from operation to maximize efficiency and provide soothing comfort.

By using the Infinity control Carrier puts maximum control at your fingertips. This system monitors critical system functions and adjusts operation to optimize functionality and reliability. Additional comfort enhancing functions include ComfortFan™ technology which allows selection of furnace fan speeds and SmartEvap™ technology for added moisture control.


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