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Nov 15

MM Comfort BLOG

Seattle / Tacoma Area Homeowners Faced With Furnace Repair / Replace Question

Posted by MM Comfort BLOG

With the onset of cold weather many local homeowners are finding their furnace or heat pump does not work. Fortunately furnace and/or heat pump repair is readily available from Seattle area HVAC contractors such as MM Comfort Systems. In many cases a qualified technician can fix heating system issues in a single visit, quickly restoring heat and the comfort it brings. Frequently however, homeowners are correctly asking if repairing an older furnace is worth it. Sometimes it would cost less over time to replace an unreliable, unsafe or inefficient furnace / heat pump with a modern system.

While the particulars vary on a case by case basis, the important questions remain the same. For example:
• How old is the furnace? Repairing furnaces older the 15 years may not be cost effective.
• How much will current repair cost? How does this compare with the cost of new equipment?
• How long does the homeowner plan to stay in the house? The net present value of energy savings associated a new system increases with more years in the home.
• What is efficiency of existing furnace or heat pump compared to new alternative? Sometimes the difference (savings) can be dramatic.
• Are the any health or safety concerns associated with retaining existing equipment?
• What is the repair history of existing equipment? What is expected going forward?
• Are any rebates or tax incentives are available?

At MM Comfort Systems our goal is to help homeowners understand their options and provide solutions best tailored to their specific needs. Many times this involves providing friendly, professional heating repairs. Other times it is time for a new furnace or heat pump manufactured by the industry leader - Carrier.