Energy EfficiencyWhat To Do If My Furnace Keeps Running?

When winter descends on the Seattle-Redmond-Sumner area, you can expect your home’s furnace to run quite often. However, it by no means should be running all the time. If you notice that your furnace continues to run even when your home has seemingly hit its target temperature, check to see if one of these issues might be the culprit.

Your Thermostat’s Settings or Wiring

One of these is an easy fix while the other will require professional assistance. If you have set your thermostat’s fan setting to “On,” the fan is going to run all the time, no matter what temperature the thermostat might be set at. You can easily change it over to “Auto” to fix the problem. If the wiring in your thermostat has shorted out, then the thermostat will not be able to properly communicate with your furnace. A trained HVAC professional can replace the wiring to remedy the issue.

Your Furnace’s Fan Limit Switch

The fan limit switch is the component that tells the blower when to turn on and off. If this switch becomes faulty or is on the manual setting, it isn’t going to automate the process how you would expect. The switch is easy to find — it’s located just inside the furnace panel, giving you an easy opportunity to check it.

Dirty Furnace or Air Filter

When your furnace’s air filter becomes overrun with dirt, dust and debris, it can cause the unit to overheat. This will kick on the fan to cool it down. To avoid this fate, replace your furnace’s air filter or clean it off if it’s a reusable model. You can also remove the panel from your furnace and vacuum out the dust.

Protect Your Furnace With MM Comfort Systems

The team at MM Comfort Systems can help you get to the bottom of why your furnace is constantly running and provide you with the maintenance and repairs that you need. In fact, we handle all sorts of heating and cooling issues. Connect with our team of licensed HVAC technicians to schedule a service call.


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