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This Snohomish, zip code 98290, family found their home was simply not cool enough. They had an AHU in the garage, but it was not enough. To make things even more complicated, they needed permits for the work. Also, they had a utility incentive they could claim if certain environmental standards were met. Their home did not come close to these standards. With all of this in hand, they called MM Comfort Systems and asked for a quote to upgrade their air conditioning system.

MMCS Residential Air Conditioning Quote and Upgrade Solution

Seeing that the AHU was not doing its job, our contractors suggested the addition of a Lennox XP17-042 HP in the garage. This would also require an OD unit, which would be located against the west wall of the property. Another electrical line would need to be run from an existing panel to supply the OD unit.

In order to satisfy the utility incentive requirements, we also arranged to schedule a full cleaning of the duct system and sealing of the duct work in the crawl space to reduce leakages. This work would also reduce the client’s utility bills in the long term.

The customer was quite happy with our quote and suggestions and agreed to go forward with the work. With over thirty-five years of experience, MMCS is capable of handling all of your air conditioning repairs and upgrades. On top of that, we have the knowledge to ensure that our solutions are energy efficient and environmentally sound.


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