Customer ExperiencesSammamish Family Installs 98% Gas Furnace

When a Sammamish family’s Trane heat pump gave out recently, they trusted MM Comfort Systems to replace it with a gas fired furnace.

The MMCS service team took great care, not only to replace deteriorated subsystems, but to keep existing equipment that worked with the new furnace and to do the job right. A full evaluation of the existing heat runs, return air and duct systems indicated that minor enlargement of the return air system was needed and that the coil would need to be replaced.

The new furnace was installed in the same garage location as the old one, but the existing coil, located in the house’s crawlspace, was determined to be incompatible with the new gas furnace. Before installing the new coil, the service team cleaned out the crawlspace and installed a new vapor barrier, providing maximum insulation and comfort for the family.

The residence, located in the 98075 zip code area, was fitted with a new Honeywell Prestige IAQ thermostat and outdoor temperature sensor, but the existing Honeywell electronic air cleaner was left intact and re-connected to the system. Naturally, the installation job included a complete air duct leak test, gas line leak test and full fire off and test operation of the new system.

This Sammamish family’s efficient 98% gas furnace warms their hearts and their home. MM Comfort Systems service team took the time and care to ensure that the heating system was installed correctly and that any existing equipment which could be kept was retained.



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