Customer ExperiencesMM Comforts Systems Replaces Coleman Heating System in Milton Rental Unit

A landlord contacted our MM Comforts Systems’ office looking for a heating system quote to replace the furnace in one of his rental units. The current furnace was a Coleman TG 9S040A08, with pump CP-22 and IAQ GPF 14-25/16-25/20-25. The existing 85 percent furnace, which was located in a crawl space of the home, needed to be replaced with a 95 percent furnace. We were able to go to his Milton rental unit to determine all of the work that would need to be done and provide him with an accurate quote to install a new heating system.

After the Milton landlord reviewed several bids, he chose our MM Comfort Systems because we could provide him with quality services within a budget he could afford. Since this was a rental home, it was imperative that the work be done as quickly as possible and we were able to accommodate that need. Our crew needed to remove the existing heating unit and then install the new unit, new PVC vent piping through the side of the home, a condensate pump and a drain line. Once installation was complete, our crew reconnected the existing duct work, gas piping, electrical work and the thermostat. When all was done, we fired off the new furnace to ensure that every thing was working properly.

The Milton landowner was very pleased with the work that we had done and that we were able to keep the project within the budgeted amount. Both the landlord and the tenants were quite pleased that we were able to have the new heating system working quickly and efficiently.


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