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The Redmond customer was not happy. They had no air conditioning. Also, their furnace was not only ancient, but poorly located. It was taking up perfectly good storage space in a downstairs closet. A more modern, smaller unit, would take up less space. While they were at it, they thought it would be a good idea to add air conditioning to deal with Redmond summers. They called MM Comfort Systems, mostly concerned about the furnace. It’s age and location were a potential safety concern and they just wanted it gone.

MMCS Redmond Heating and Air Conditioning Solution

We immediately arranged to remove and dispose of the old gas furnace. Surveying the area, we decided that a modern furnace, hung horizontally, in the crawl space behind the closet would give them back the space they desire. Additionally, there was room there for a new filter cabinet and MERV 16 filter. We recommended a Lennox SL280UH135V60C furnace and also an XP21-048-230 HP unit. This meant adding a 2 zone system that would involve redoing the duct work in the crawl space, which was somewhat narrow and confined. However, the existing lines and B vent would be fine.

The customer was satisfied with our solution and gave us the go ahead to do the work. They were very grateful to have their storage closet back and not to have to worry about the safety of the aging furnace. If you need a difficult heating repair or air conditioning repair or replacement, MMCS has the experience and qualifications to help you out.


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