Customer ExperiencesMM Comfort Systems Offers Commercial Seattle Heating System Quote to Replace Failed Furnace With A King KFS2012-3 Electric Furnace:

When a business’s heating system fails, getting it up and running quickly can have a definite impact on the productivity of employees, and potentially the business’s profitability for the period. Owners of an office building in the 98103 area of Seattle placed an 8 a.m. call to our Redmond MM Comfort Systems office this past winter, asking for a commercial Seattle heating system quote to replace their failed 12 KW 3 Phase electric furnace. Their electrician had advised them to get the entire unit replaced due to its advanced age, and they decided this was a wise move.

Because staffers were advised to return home that morning, the premises were quiet when our expert technicians arrived to assess the building’s existing electric heating system. They prepared the Seattle heating system quote as a simple replacement of the non-operational electric furnace with a King KFS2012-3 electric furnace with the same rating. Switching out the main unit simplified the repair, making it less costly and much faster to accomplish.

Once the building owners received their detailed Seattle heating system quote from our MM Comfort Systems crew they immediately scheduled the replacement. The very next morning, two MMCS heating repair crews arrived on the scene with the new King KFS2012-3 electric furnace.

Working together they were able to quickly the equipment replacement. Late that afternoon, our customers were very pleasantly surprised to feel heat wafting through their offices. The next morning, staff was back to work, and the office building owners were thrilled that they’d only lost two days to chilly downtime. They’ll definitely be spreading the word about MM Comfort Systems speedy, reliable service.



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