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This family had moved across the country to a new home in Fall City. Unfortunately, the previous residents were evicted. On their way out, they stole all three of the existing HP units. This left the family with no air conditioning in the heat of the summer. On top of that, their water heater was also missing. This was, of course, not how they wanted to experience their move to Seattle. Needing air conditioning as soon as possible, they called MM Comfort Systems. Our contractors immediately understood that this was an emergency and needed to be a rush job.

MMCS Air Conditioning Repair Solution

We recommended all Carrier systems for both the air conditioning and the water heater, specifically 25HNA936, 25HNA948 and 25HNA924 cooling units. The water heater would be a 42VR40F model. It would be attached to the existing flu, gas pipe and seismic stripe in the garage. Two flex ducts also needed to be replaced, as they had been full of water. Additionally, our contractors checked all of the ducts for damage and did a blower door test on all three of the HPs. They were all Infinity Set systems for performance versus comfort.

The family was staying in a hotel until the work was done. They were highly satisfied with how quickly they were able to move into their new home. They were also pleased with the quality of the work and the performance of their new air conditioning system and water heater. MMCS serves the entire Seattle area and is ready to fulfil your heating or air conditioning needs, even if the job needs to be done yesterday.


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