Customer ExperiencesMM Comfort System Spots Trouble in Sammamish Family’s Carrier 38TPA042-311 Air Conditioning Unit

In Sammamish, Washington, a family in the 98075 zip code welcomed their spring visit from MM Comfort Systems (MMCS). It was for the regular residential maintenance checks on their Carrier 38TPA042-311 air conditioning units. The family has one located upstairs with the other downstairs in the basement. The family wasn’t aware of any problems with either of the units and has for years used MMCS for their general air conditioner maintenance.

With an annual agreement, air conditioner maintenance is performed by MMCS in the spring and fall. This includes a comprehensive inspection of the air conditioning equipment, routine maintenance and helpful advise from our qualified technicians for any questions a customer might have.

During the routine check at this Sammamish residence, our air conditioning contractor noticed through pressure testing that there was no refrigerant in the downstairs Carrier air conditioning unit. After further investigation, he noticed that a pest control company had used metal SOS pads around the air conditioning lines to seal off the holes entering the house. The chemical reaction of these two metals caused the refrigerant line to deteriorate to the point that it leaked all of the unit’s fluid. We were able to repair the line, use a more appropriate plug for the holes, and now both Carrier AC units are working fine.

Thanks to MMCS, this Sammamish family has both Carrier AC units working at full capacity. With their annual maintenance check from MMCS they were able to fix a problem they didn’t even know they had.

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