Customer ExperiencesGrandfather Calls On MM Comfort Systems Needing Seattle Heating Repair When His Home’s Utica 05 Series Gas Boiler Stops Producing Heat:

When a homeowner calls MM Comfort Systems’ Redmond office reporting a loss of heat, we react quickly. A grandfather in need of a Seattle heating repair contacted us when he awoke to an icy home this past December. The center of his heating system is a Utica 05 series gas boiler, and the homeowner was fairly certain that it was still in good working order. He suspected that his water pump might be the cause of the lack of warmth in his home.

Based on the customer’s hunch, our experienced MMCS service tech arrived at the Seattle heating repair customer’s 98118 residential neighborhood prepared for a water pump outage. A thorough assessment showed that this grandfather knew his home’s heating system, and was correct in his suspicions. His Grundfos UP-26-64F water pump had seized up, and since his gas boiler depended on a reliable water source, it too had shut down, leaving our homeowner chilled.

A replacement Grundfos pump had to be ordered, delaying the repair for a day. Our reliable service tech made arrangements to return the next morning, pump in hand, to complete this Seattle heating repair. Within just a few hours, the new pump was installed, the home’s heating system was tested and warmth was being enjoyed. Our customer’s grandchildren were arriving for an overnight visit later that day, and having a warm home to welcome them made this MM Comfort client very happy.



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